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Here are some epic story, fact, and activity books to get your kids reading, thinking and doing about the Earth situation!

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The Lorax cover
The Lorax DrSeuss, 1971
A boy who lives in a ruined town wanders out of town to find an almost extinct tree, and learns the story of the Truffula Forest  from the mysterious Once-ler, who played a large part in the extinction of the Truffula Tree. The Once-ler gives boy an important gift that he must use to begin to reverse the situation.
The Wump World Bill Peet, 1970
On an imaginary planet, an adorable variety of animal called Wumps lives happily in nature. Polluting aliens, who have destroyed other planets with toxic air and buildings, discover the Wump world. Suddenly the Wumps are driven underground to try to survive- until the aliens come very close to destroying their planet for good.
No Eat, Not Food Rick Sanger and Carol Russel, 2006
A very enjoyable children’s introduction to sustainable agriculture and organic food. An otherworldly visitor arrives on Earth, and begins declaring to his new child friend, “not food!” He refuses to eat delicious candy and other things. Find out why! Teaches children that what they eat is not only important for their health, but also for the health of the entire planet.
The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein, 1964
A simple story with a very complex and beautiful message. A boy goes through his life, from childhood through old age, experiencing the beautiful bounty and love of a tree.
The Lemonade Ripple Paul Reichert, 2012
When Caroline sees that her friend needs a new wheelchair, she decides to make some of her grandma’s secret lemonade and sell it, so she can help raise money for the cause. Pretty soon, the other kids see her pitching in, and decide that they want to do the same. They get very creative in their charity raising. Heartwarming, and will definitely inspire you to go out and help a cause!

The Little Raindrop Johanna Gray, 2014

This book tells the story of the cycle of water, through the eyes of a little raindrop. From cloud to stream, to puddle or ocean and back again, the science is explained in an adorable and understandable way. This is quite an adventure! The pastel illustrations make the journey that much more beautiful and understandable.
Why Should I Recycle? Jen Green, 2002
The story of a teacher who decides to take his young class on a field trip to a recycling plant. It is a fun to read story  that also teaches why recycling is important, and gives us a good idea of what it takes to actually recycle things also. Focuses on recycling bottles, cans, containers, and clothing.
Earth Day, Every Day Lisa Bullard, 2011
A self-proclaimed loud-mouthed little girl desides that she is going to use her little
loudmouth superpower to get her friends to help out and start saving the Earth. Her family is very green, and they have “Earth nights” where they do not use electricity or television because it makes dirt that hurts the Earth.
Together is Best Sergio Blanco, 2014
3 rabbits are arguing about who has the most important abilities for the job at stake. Suddenly they are caught by a lynx! In order to escape certain death, they have to realize that all of their abilities are very important, and they work best when in combination with each other in teamwork.
Garbage Guts Heidi Auman, Ph.D, 2014
Aria the Albatross goes flying across the Pacific Ocean, to try to figure out why she and her friends keep throwing up garbage. This book is intense and beautiful. It poetically explains and illustrates different sea creatures trapped in garbage, or otherwise dying, that she finds along her journey. It also explains that humans are the cause and the solution to this sadness.

All Ages Activities and Adolescent Reading

I Love Our Land Carol Greene, 2012
A little more on the straightforward, educational side. This enjoyable book teaches children why land is important and how to love it.
Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun Michael J Caduto, 2011
22 enjoyable and understandable activities to teach kids about alternative, renewable energy. Activities range from quick and simple, to extremely complex, large-scale
adventures that will need adult assistance!
The Earth and Me Mike Artell and Pam Schiller, 1994
An amazing, artistic way to learn about the relationships of many many things in nature. Fun and entertaining poems, and many activities that teach about endangered species, recycling, air and water issues, and more.
Heroes of the Environment Harriet Rohmer, 2009
Tells the amazing and inspiring stories of 12 people, from all walks of life across America, who have done humongous things to help save the environment. From teenagers with big e-waste solutions, to sea turtle loving superstar wrestlers, this book will make you want to save the world for sure! Above all, it wil make you believe that you can!
Lab Girl Hope Jahren, 2016
The memoir of a botanist who picked up her interest as a young girl. She meets a man who becomes the family she never had, and she becomes the same to him. The book tell stories of their science labs, personal lives, mental illness, and adventures in trying to get funding and recognition in the academic world for their botanical studies.