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Eco-Mind: Changing the Way We Think

Eco Mind: Changing the Way We Think, to Create the World We Want Francis Moore Lappe

 Eye opening and thought changing. Revolutionary. This book takes modern research in anthropology, neuroscience, and climate studies, and debunks several major environmental “thought traps” as she calls them. Thought traps are ingrained beliefs about the planet and human nature, that keep us from moving towards more sustainable practices as a planet of humans. She also shows us how to develop an eco mind, to create new possibilities in the world and our lives.
Generation Green
Generation Green: The Ultimate Teen Guide to Living an Eco-Friendly Life Linda Silvertsen and Tosh Silvertsen.
A great beginner guide and supplement for teenagers, or anyone who is already thinking green thoughts and ready to start taking action. The perfect nudge, and missing information, to really make that connection.
Green Goes with Everything
Green Goes with EverythingSloan Barrett
If you don’t really even understand the problem with chemicals in your home, this is a great place to start. The beginning of this book explains the problems with the chemicals in our homes.
Skip the fact that she talks a lot about her husband’s Shaklee business… Totally ignore it. She has some really great information, home advice, and tips to make small, doable changes that add up to a big difference when greening your life


Make Your Place
Make Your Place Raleigh Briggs
Concise and extremely enjoyable! Hand drawn and written in a DIY ‘zine style. Covers all categories of the home, giving simple recipes and common sense advice you would never have thought of otherwise- to make your place, and clean it without chemicals and all of that badness
Make It Last
Make it LastRaleigh Briggs
The sequel to make your place, and a very important one! This adorable book teaches you how to preserve your most favorite items so that they will last  a whole lot longer in your life!
Making It
Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post Consumer World Kelly Conye and Erik Knudzen
All sorts of projects from simple to in-depth, for inside and outside the home, even in the city. Step out of dependence on heavy consumerism, just for your daily needs.
This book offers glimpses into post consumer living at its finest. In the spirit of sustainability, the authors find recipes that use the same handful of ingredients, and the easy to source, affordable ones.
Organic Housekeeping
Organic Housekeeping Ellen Sandbeck
Taking your understanding to the next level… Easy to understand and common-sense guide for all kinds of cleaning up in the home, without constant chemical exposure.
This book is a great mix of classic advice, and eye-opening innovative solutions that will help protect the environment and our health. She states that clutter keeps us from feeling our best in life and thriving, and the the number of toxins inside the house is scarier than you would expect.


Energy Efficient Homes for Dummies
Energy Efficient Homes for Dummies Rik DeGunther
An invaluable, comprehensive, and simple to understand read in the grand tradition of the “For Dummies” series… There are some newer books you could read with more fresh information. But this is a universal classic from 2008
10 Minute Energy Saving Secrets
10 Minute Energy Saving Secrets Jerri Farris
250 ideas and unthought-of secrets to help you save energy, heat, and water in your home year-round!
Ranges from little things like opening and closing curtains and windows, to deeper actions like draining the runoff from your water heater and caulking gaps and drafts.


Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping Paco Underhill
Most people won’t find it comfortable to switch overnight from a consumer lifestyle to a green lifestyle.  This book talks about how this lifestyle is so ingrained in our society that we forget that it’s not normal, and incredibly harmful.
In order to become more eco-friendly in your lifestyle, you must realize how much useless stuff you buy every month. Knowing why you buy, and the impact it has on the planet, will make it much easier to change.
Buy-ology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy Martin Lindstrom
A beginner’s look into the psychology of advertising and why we make purchasing decisions. This is not a deep and comprehensive read. A great starter book for people ready to scratch the surface, but a little deeper. Easy to read and enjoyable.


The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living in the Heart of the CityKelly Conye and Erik Knudzen

Do you want to start learning to homestead a little bit, or a lot, even though you live in the city? This book is for you, through and through! The authors have a popular blog at homegrownrevolution.org.

As the title suggests- this is an indispensable resource for those in the city trying to be a whole lot more sustainable, but it’s also pretty specific to homesteading. Also a guide to the best websites and online resources to get you going homesteading.

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