Some Notes on Truly “Escaping the System”

Some Notes on Truly “Escaping the System”

This post is a a lighthearted literal disclaimer on my use of the phrase, and a deeper meaning behind the expressions that indicate "escaping the system". This post is NOT to call anybody out for not being good enough- it's to create some fun outside-the-box attitudes. Escape in…

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Beyond the Boycott: Ultimately Addressing Deeper Problems
Your virtual mall of ethical options is under construction.

Beyond the Boycott: Ultimately Addressing Deeper Problems

Boycott is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Caution: it may even cause some quiet eye-rolling. But what should it mean? Surely, with our numbers, we could we do better. Does boycotting really make a difference? Although necessary and honorable, semi-random small purchasing decisions and sustainability…

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Loving Those who Disagree

Have you ever just been in that situation where you are trying to explain a simple and obvious environmental, political, or social concept, and the other person seems to be actively ignoring facts and being stubborn? They have a bunch of weird ideas that don’t really line up…

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“It’s So Expensive…”

The fact of the matter is that it costs money- real money, and natural resources to make a totally cruelty free and natural product from start to finish. This again points us quickly back in the direction of second hand shopping! Zero waste, humane, inexpensive, giving back to…

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You Have Permission
Re Claim Your Power

You Have Permission

It's easy to want to do better for the planet, eat cleaner food, take care of your needs, and all. It's another thing to feel awkward about it in a group of less-caring friends that feel weird when you try to be green or healthy. How does this…

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