Light the Spark

People will be people. They may piss you off. They may stomp on your dreams and spit on your truth, so ya may as well get that inner peace party started, ASAP. Scan your body for sensations, and find that one iota of stillness within you. Then focus…

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Keep Being Bold

What are you trying to achieve right now that maybe you keep stalling on in one way or another? Living more sustainably or healthfully? Practicing bigger peace? Spiritual evolution? Starting your own business? You're awesome, and right off the bat I just have to say, thank you for…

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Some Notes on Truly “Escaping the System”

Some Notes on Truly “Escaping the System”

This post is a a lighthearted literal disclaimer on my use of the phrase, and a deeper meaning behind the expressions that indicate "escaping the system". This post is NOT to call anybody out for not being good enough- it's to create some fun outside-the-box attitudes. Escape in…

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Badass Surrounded by Infinity
You're a badass surrounded by infinity!

Badass Surrounded by Infinity

By Benjamin A. Miller Deep breath. I really am weird enough for all of this. WHERE IS MY FRACKING HELMET!? What a marvelous time to be alive! You are a rock star, believe it! So as much as it hurts, for all the shots to the dome life…

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5 Secrets For Collecting Minutes in Your Day

You just can't find any time in your day, and you're not even getting you needs met, or the recycle taken out. You need to outsource some responsibility! Kids can like helping, and in fact they are wired to do so. Look it up, you can help them…

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Sensational Release to Reclaim Your Power

How do we stay positive in such a crazy place (Earth), with mixed insanity flying around in our hearts and minds? Many people wonder if there is even such thing as staying positive when you can't ignore the sadness of the world, when you feel like everything you…

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