World Power, The Grand Illusion, and You

I’ve been lost in thought about the grand illusion of suffering today. The lies we are fed from birth, to keep us acting and feeling in ways that benefit the so-called machine.

Many people ask why the powers that be would want such mind and habit control over people. Why would they feed false information to the masses, to the detriment of humankind and the planet, on purpose?

“Memorize these million facts, then owe us your life for a college education- otherwise your life will suck even worse.”

“Material possessions and instant gratification are the only road to worthiness and happiness”

“There may never be enough to make you feel safe. You’d better buy more.”

“They are not like us- they may threaten our livelihood and happiness.”

“You are definitely not safe-be afraid.”

“You are not enough. You have to work harder.”

None of these things are true.


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