Bad Mood Foods

Ingredients for Disaster

Foods to avoid if anxious, overwhelmed, sad, or depressed

Here is a surprising list of foods that are likely contributing to your feelings of discontent, and why.

You won’t be whistling for long…

They do so much damage, in so many ways, and can be very addictive. The results have proven time and again that it’s time to move away from chemical additives in our food. Many specifically interfere with your nervous system and the chemistry in your brain that determines your mood and outlook.

For so many reasons, literally avoid as much added sugar as possible. Zero added sugar is best for mood and anxiety concerns. See the books mentioned in the next two listings.

A major aggravator in most people’s health and happiness issues. Many people

Everyone should do a wheat cleanse and feel the difference!

are unknowingly allergic to wheat, or wheat is causing unwanted reactions in their bodies. Wheat and many other grains are highly irritating to the stomach lining. This starts a cascade of numerous domino effects on your health, one of these being your anxiety and mood. Check out the book, “Wheat Belly” by William Davis.

This includes high fructose corn syrup.  Read the book “Grain Brain” by David Perlmutter & Kristin Loberg for the reality of how grains (including sugar and alcohol) affect your well-being. Also, see “wheat” above. If you are a vegan, grains may be one of your main sources of super important B vitamins, specifically vitamin B6 and B12. Most vegans should be supplementing with vitamin vitamin B6 and B12, whether or not they eat grains.

Energy drinks especially. The verdict is in. Caffeine interferes with your mood by

disrupting your brain  and sleep schedule, and nervous system. It also will deteriorate your digestive lining, leading to that poor digestion/depression.

Alcohol messes with your blood sugar balance, and your central nervous
Alcohol is detrimental to your long-term mood for many reasons.

system-which controls the way you process emotions on a daily basis.
It is a depressant. It may make things feel better or loosen you up in the moment, but ultimately leaves you feeling lower than before.
Alcohol degrades your stomach lining, which in turn decreases proper nutrient assimilation. The quality of your digestion has a direct effect on your ability to hold a positive outlook and mood. You will hear it again and again from me.

Many beans are actually pretty hard to digest, and also take a toll on your stomach lining. Focus on easy to digest beans with high nutritional content when you eat beans.

The easiest to digest beans are mung beans and adzuki beans. Garbanzo beans or chickpeas, and black beans are also among the easiest to digest. Lentils are pretty easy to digest, and SO full of health benefits that they remain in good standing as for as digestibility.

These beans listed hold the most nutritional value for your body and mind.

Refine your intake and reap fantastic health benefits of certain soy products!

There’s plenty of controversy out there about it, and if you have hormonal issues, you should steer clear of soy in general. But overall, I stand with the scientific research that shows that soybeans and whole soy products like tempeh, miso, tofu, and edamame are also extremely good for you for many reasons.

Soy is hard to digest and hard on the stomach lining, so it should be eaten in moderation. And focus on less processed, more fermented varieties (miso, tempeh, etc). Steer clear of isolated soy products, such as soy milk or soy protein powder, for best results. Especially if you are a male.

Organic everything is always recommended. This is especially important with soybeans and soy products! Soy is an industry that is heavily infiltrated with GMO products and doused in weed and insect killer. Eating organic soy negates the risk of eating GMO soy and deadly chemicals.

The right amount of salt is crucial to mood management.

This can directly add to depression by disrupting aspects of the nervous system, which processes emotions. Besides that, salt can overtax your system just like sugar can, leading to fatigue. Fatigue is an invitation for emotional distress.
Don’t buy the cheapest salt, of any variety. Salt mining can be a very destructive process to humans animals and the planet. Choose responsibly sourced salts for your health and the planet.
Grey salt and Himalayan pink salt are both good. Both of these actually contain a variety of trace minerals that feed your body goodness that it requires.
Click here to get a brief understanding of what can be right and wrong about your salt and how it is mined.
These types of fats deteriorate your gut lining as well!
Don’t consume cheap oils.

Consuming these oils will drastically increase your risk for depression- up to 48%, according to studies. This is only one of many nasty effects that these oils have on your body.
Oils to avoid eating: corn, canola, cottonseed, sunflower, palm, soy, and oils generically labeled “vegetable oil”.
If you are not going to stop eating canola oil, buy only organic to avoid the GMO problem.
Deep fried foods interfere with your body’s ability to process Omega fats, which are essential for brain function and happiness. Deep fried foods are often fried in hydrogenated oils.
These fats clog your arteries over time, which can lead to less blood flow to the brain and stomach. Raising the temperature of many oils past a certain degree makes them go rancid, creating carcinogenic properties.
Have you ever looked at the grams of sugar in a soda?

Especially on an empty stomach, or near bedtime. These will spike your blood

sugar, then blood sugar will drop, leaving you in a state of biological overwhelm, which may likely transfer to your mood as well. Fruit juice and soda are usually comparable in sugar content! When forced with a choice, choose juice over soda.

They are a mix of many of the above mood disturbing foods, specifically
Canned food has nothing good to offer.

sodium, chemicals, and harmful oils.
Canned food is cooked to the point where it holds little to no nutritional value anyways.
Most canned food still comes with a BPA plastic lining. BPA is a known endocrine disruptor- it interferes with your hormonal process. Hormonal balance plays a direct role in your mood and outlook.
It’s hard to get a packaged food product that is free and clear of all of the most aggravating foods. Read all of the ingredients carefully to understand what you are putting in your body.
Most packaged foods are so processed that they have little to nothing positive to offer your body anyways, and could leave you with a blood sugar crash as the empty calories wear off quickly. Even blood sugar balance is crucial to your good mood!
A lot of food packaging is not recyclable or hard-to-recycle. This might quietly contribute to your anxiety or guilt, because you know it’s not right to ignore the consequences of your trash.