The Law of Attraction

Short answer:

The law of attraction is an unchanging principle that is universal, and it works the same for everybody, for better or for worse. It’s the scientific, energetic ability we have to attract whatever we think about, feel, and believe into our lives.

The Details:

The classic example is to think about gravity.

It’s always working, whether you want it to or not. Due to a magnet-like force called gravity, any physical object you throw in the air will come back down. This is good, so that you don’t float away, but a little rough when you trip and fall on your face. 

Like gravity, it works the same for everyone, and you also attract certain things back to you over and over again. Just for any devil’s advocates out there, I’ll mention here that helium balloons are different- helium is a gas, which has a different relationship with gravity than physical objects. The balloon itself would come back down if not filled with helium. We’re sticking to physical objects here.

And in case you’re wondering, airplanes, etc. work with the law of lift, which wins over the law of gravity.

The law of attraction is married with several ancient universal laws.

The first being the law of mentalism which states that “all is mind: the universe is mental.” This means that overall you will see and experience what you already believe and expect to see or be true. This means that your world and experiences reflect what you already believe and think, which is itself a product of your upbringing and subconscious conditioning. You can change your beliefs, the things you expect, and the things that show up due to your expectations. I am here to help you create the life you want!

Both of these are married to the ancient universal law of vibration.

This law states that “nothing rests; everything moves. Everything vibrates.” This is also proven science. 

Everything that exists, and that you experience, hear, see or think is vibrating at a specific energetic/magnetic frequency. From a rock to an orange, or a flower to a feather, and from a chair to a book of sheet music.

The next law that governs the law of attraction is cause and effect. “Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause.”

The law of attraction states that ‘like attracts like”.

You and your thoughts and actions, and the people and belief systems around you all have a specific energetic/electromagnetic vibration as well. Whatever is the most prevalent vibration in your thought, emotional, and mental processes will invariably attract similar vibrating things and situations, circumstances, etc.

So if you’re lonely or satisfied, or feel unsafe or extremely loved and blessed, or anything else under the sun, and your conscious and unconscious thoughts revolve around that on a regular basis, you will attract more of the same feelings, and circumstances and people and situations that bring you more of the same feelings.

The beauty of all of this is that you can choose your thoughts, feelings, and vibrations, to create the outcomes you want in life!

This gets tricky when unconscious thought processes come into play, but we’ll get into those details later. Overall, you can often just choose to think and feel differently, and quickly attract better situations into your life. Obviously, some are harder to change, and trauma is a whole different ballgame. Also doable, but the game is different. 

Like I said, I’m here specifically to help you move out of thought processes and beliefs that are holding you back.  I use several tools, especially EFT Tapping to truly finally clear out the beliefs and vibes, etc. that keep bringing you more of the same old same- and reprogram to the ones that will take you where you ant to go! That includes techniques for trauma healing, because most people actually need a deeper approach to updating beliefs and tendencies.

A crucial thing that most people overlook in regards to the law of attraction is that it’s all so inseparable from the law of right action.

The law of right action states that you ultimately have to take actions in most circumstances to truly manifest what you desire.

The beauty of that is if you have changed your thought process to believe that what you want is possible and that you’re worth it, your brain workings and the law of attraction bring you the motivation and drive to take the actions you need to take!

Like being thirsty and needing a glass of water. You may be able to manifest somebody bringing you a glass of water. But other than that you’re going to have to actively ask for a glass of water, or get up and get the glass of water at some point. Those are both actions. The water won’t just appear out of thin air. But… your extreme desire for water will eventually create the action needed to ask for what you want, or to get off the couch and go get a glass of water.

Your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and vibrations determine your daily and life experience, and the situations, things, and people that show up in your life.

Imagine your view of life as a mirror you’re looking into. The reflection won’t change unless you change. This includes digging into your subconscious, family, and societal programming and belief systems, and doing a bit of reprogramming so to speak.

Some of your ingrained, habitual beliefs and thoughts have a huge amount of magnetic/vibrational pull already  that creates your current experience and abilities. Many aspects of your life are stuck on repeat because you’ve been thinking and believing them, and  seeing and feeling the results for your whole life already. That’s a lot of practice! 

Some people are capable of just switching this programming off without addressing it. We should all be so lucky! But most people have to take a moment to acknowledge where they’re coming from and shed old beliefs to form new productive ones. 

Here’s is where many law of attraction coaching programs fall short, or can even do more damage- not teaching about trauma and how different techniques are needed to heal and release the past that holds so many of us back. 

So we have the old beliefs and habitual thoughts that were put in our heads from outside sources- either accidentally or on purpose. Some of those are easier to change than others. But then we have the harder-set beliefs and tendencies that were formed from traumatic events or circumstances in our lives. It’s detrimental to try to push through these with a “just ignore them and think happy thoughts” approach. 

My Inner Peace and Impact Activator Mentorship covers all aspects of this, and takes the healing aspect to the next level!

The short answer:

It comes when the time is right and you’re ready, and you can help the time be right. Also, conflicting deeper beliefs keep the things you’re trying to attract from coming to you, and sometimes they need a special healing approach. You can’t bypass them to become more ready. You have to get to the root, and your nervous system’s reaction to the change you seek, and heal them there.

The Details:

How soon something shows up in your physical reality depends on a lot of circumstances.
First, be sure you’re in active attraction mode, ready to receive it, and working toward what you want.

The law of attraction works instantly in the energetic realm, and your desires begin to be manifested there as soon as you ask for them with belief and intensity.

Think of it as turning on your favorite radio station. When you turn on your radio, it comes through the speakers instantly, even if the radio station is on the other side of the world from you. Unless you’re in a remote location, which can be thought of as an analogy for subconscious belief patterns/collective consciousnesses that you’re surrounded by that are keeping you stuck in old beliefs and ways.

Radio waves are the same type of electromagnetic frequency as the vibes you put out with your thoughts and feelings to enact the law of attraction.

Even scientists don’t quite understand how they travel through time and space, brick, mortar and Earth instantaneously to be transmitted to the other side of the world. But they do, and it’s undeniable when you turn on that radio station.

The moment you think of thought or feel a feeling that you want with intensity and belief, it’s broadcast across the universe, and can affect people and things on the other side of the world without your knowing it.

You can actually send thoughts to people you’ve never met without trying or knowing it’s possible. Or you can do it intentionally and manifest your dreams!

But the law of attraction and manifestation take a little time to come into your physical reality. It’s important to have faith in this.

Know right off the bat that the law of attraction is working, and that you’re effectively vibrating at a frequency that is already manifesting and attracting what you want. Feel it forming!

Nothing will appear in your physical reality until you’re energetically ready for it.

You may have to have other experiences before your true love or 20 million dollars comes to you, for example. You have to be a vibrational match on a deeper energetic level beyond thought in order to truly manifest what you desire. This is influenced by your past/current programming and beliefs. 

This all still depends on the level of trauma that is stored in the nervous system around certain beliefs, possibilities, and events. You may not be a vibrational match until you regulate your nervous system’s response to what you desire!

I’m here to help you truly heal without bypassing, clear all of that up, and become a vibrational match for what you want… so you can live in peace and abundance, an  unleash the personal and global impact of your true dreams, missions, and superpowers!

Another factor in how fast the law of attraction works is how attached you are to the outcome.

Being desperate will not help you, and will actually push the things you want away from you. I can help with that, too! See other sections of the FAQ page for details on how to feel less attached to your desired outcome.

Another way of being attached to the outcome is whether or not you believe it’s truly possible for you. Disbelief creates a magnetic frequency of its own, which tells the things you’re trying to attract to stay away from you.

Your current belief system governs this heavily, and is strongly influenced by your subconscious programming, and those inner child wounds I keep referring to, that need a special approach to heal, and a basically allow you to move into your dreamlife!

It’s important to become grateful for what you have in this moment, find feelings of satisfaction and safety anywhere you can, and choose acceptance of your current reality because it stops the cycle of negativity.

It doesn’t mean you accept that life will be like this forever and give into it in a negative mindset. This means that you accept that you are exactly who, what, and where you are here and now, no matter what your circumstance, and that you’re feeling grateful for whatever you can think of at every moment.

And if you cant find gratitude? ACCEPT YOURSELF THERE. Total acceptance stops the brain games and loops that keep us reeling in self sabotage. 

And if you don’t accept yourself, ACCEPT THAT. And so on.

The less you are attached to the outcome, the faster it will come to you. 

I know- tricky tricky- but this is a huge part of a secret! So it makes the most sense to practice immediately trying to attract things that you’re not really attached to. Like a new t-shirt, someone buying you a cup of coffee, or your favorite song to come through your speakers. Do this with belief, and an “I don’t really actually care” attitude, and watch what happens!

Constantly checking in to see if what you want is there yet creates a void.

That void pushes the things you want away from you. Feelings of nervousness and fear are also pushing away the things you want.  Because of this, trust and patience are key also.

As mentioned, certain things take more time to manifest than others, and sometimes you’re not a magnetic vibrational match for what you desire yet. You must keep the positive trust, patience and belief going, work on yourself and your deeper belief systems and/or childhood wounds to regulate your nervous system and become a vibrational match for what you want.

If you’re trying to manifest something that you keep getting negative feelings or pullback about within yourself, now is not the time to manifest that thing or situation.

It won’t come to you if you keep having the resistance to it.

Resistance and disbelief push your desires away from you. When this happens, it is a double indicator that it’s time to go within and see what the next layer is that needs to be healed or loved or updated in order to become a match for what you want, and be able to receive it into your reality. 

If you’re doing pretty well manifesting something and you get sudden resistance, that’s a different story.

Don’t stop trying altogether. Completely change the subject and do not think about what you are getting resistant to for the moment, or a day or two. Come back to it when you feel better about it. It’s best not to recreate a negative push against what you are actively already manifesting or attracting.

Everything appears in proper time.

You might not attract the exact person or situation you think you want to attract, and there’s a reason. That reason is that something 10 or 100 times better is just down the road if you just keep on cruising.

Don’t get too attached to a very specific outcome. The most specific outcome you should always aim for is what will make you feel the best and be the best for you and everyone else. Be as specific as you can without resistance, but allow the possibility that you don’t know what that is, and you’re willing to accept it in whatever form it comes.

Enjoying and trusting the process speeds everything up exponentially.

Short answer:

Technically, yes. But there are a lot of factors that you didn’t consciously choose to take part in. You can definitely accidentally create situations you do or don’t want in life, and you do it all the time.

The Details:

It’s NOT your “fault.” It just happens because we don’t understand the process, or that we have a choice to choose better. You didn’t know what was happening, or you would have chosen more of your own feelings, beliefs, and thoughts, and created differently! If they taught this stuff in schools, the world- and millions of lives- would be much happier, healthier, and more peaceful.

As soon as you were conceived, your environment and family history started shaping your thoughts and beliefs, and the law of attraction never rests.

This includes stress that your parents were having, their beliefs and life experiences, the environments they were in when your mom was pregnant with you, and how they were raised. Which were shaped by their parents, which were shaped by their parents… stretching far backwards in time. Many of your deepest ingrained beliefs that you never even think about are ancestral in nature. SO yeah, You’re not a victim, but its not your fault either.

There’s a thing called mass, or collective, consciousness, and everyone is affected by it.

It’s the sum total result of all the repetitive thoughts and deep beliefs of the people in a family, any social group (such as your neighborhood, town, a church or a group of rock stars) community, city, and even the whole world. The collective thoughts and beliefs of the people around you seep into your subconscious, and can even be programmed into your nervous system as reality.

Beliefs from, “I am safe” to “rich people are bad people” to “the world sucks, and is out to get me” did not originate from your true self, and often, you did not choose to think these things. They were fed to you, either inadvertently through the collective mindset of the people and society you grew up in, or taught to you by grown ups in an effort to keep you safe or motivate you.

As you grow up you start to believe these things, the law of attraction kicks in, and also, The brain likes to be right, and protect you from new ideas. Your brain is hardwired to notice things and situations that reinforce what it already believes.

So it’s a double-whammy. You notice things that reinforce what others around you taught you to think, and then those things show up more and more due to your belief process. Momentum builds, and the whole process is reinforced over and over, stronger and stronger. This creates your current reality. Abraham Hicks likens it to a train rolling down the tracks. There’ a ton of momentum in that direction, so the train just naturally keeps moving that way.

The awesome thing is this: you have the choice to change your thoughts, and therefore your reality! 

On a deeper level, every piece of your experience can help you grow back into your truest self! Especially when you stumble across websites and information like this! This is no accident!

For some, this can be as simple as switching to a new belief. For the majority of people, you can’t just stop that train dead in its tracks, or you’ll have a major train wreck. The beliefs you’ve had for your whole life, or even just a couple of years are pretty well ingrained and comfortable. They may need some specific attention and unraveling/rewiring so that you can effectively hold new, more beneficial beliefs long enough to make them a reality.

Sometimes trauma makes it extra difficult to make shifts like this, and we have to take a more loving approach and give it some extra time. Sometimes the thought or belief doesn’t just magically disappear, but we find a new path around it to ultimately achieve the desired reality anyways!

If you have tried to attract or manifest your desires before with mixed success, This is most likely what is holding you back. I am here to help you with that funny, sticky little (ok, it’s actually HUGE) stipulation that very few law of attraction coaches or trainings address at all. The part that helps you heal and update the more stubborn old beliefs, thoughts, vibes, and tendencies. 

Click here to check it out.

You CAN move from old belief patterns creating your life for you- into choosing your thoughts and feelings, and create the life and global impact you’ve always wanted! 

Short answer:

Self-love or acceptance is one of the first steps to attracting happiness and everything you want, because it raises your vibration and sends messages of worthiness to the universe and your subconscious/nervous system. Those feelings of safety in your nervous system are actually *what allow you* to vibrate higher, dream bigger, take inspired action, and frankly even believe at all that your next biggest dream is actually safe and possible for you. If you don’t love or accept yourself, you don’t think you’re worthy or capable of the greatness you dream of.  And if you don’t think you’re worthy or capable, 1) you won’t sustain the action needed to get or maintain to your goal, and 2) your reality won’t support it. It just won’t, like a fish trying to breathe air. it doesn’t last long. 

And if you don’t love or accept yourself, don’t fall into the ego trap of bypassing, forcing, beating yourself up, or feeling bad about it (as best you can). The best thing you can do to raise your vibe and relax that self-bashing process is to just say, “ok. I accept that.” Or “I accept that I don’t accept myself/that,” and start there.

The Details:

Loving yourself and acts of self-love change your vibration drastically for the better.
Every affirmation you say that feels good to you, every nice thing you do for yourself, raises your vibration and sends confirmation to the universe and your nervous system that you know you deserve the best. Loving yourself makes you naturally care about your own feelings moment-to-moment, and want to take care of yourself better on a physical energetic and emotional level.

Source, the Universe, Gods, and the law of attraction all love it when you love yourself, care about your feelings, and move away from things situations and people that make you feel bad! All of this magnetically attracts more and more goodness into your life- because it relaxes your nervous system and you come out of physical and energetic resistance. When you choose to feel better about yourself, you will get much more than you bargained for, and very quickly!

Pay close attention to your emotions every moment of the day.

Although emotions can get rowdy and out of control, overall the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure that you feel good in every realistic, appropriate moment. 

If you’re coming from a heavy past and it seems like you don’t know how to feel amazing, just find an improvement from where you’re at that’s realistic to feel, and practice at that level. Remind yourself to “just feel a little bit better” when you need to. Your brain and nervous system do need time to adjust sometimes, and heal the idea that it’s dangerous to feel peace and happiness, or they WILL keep blocking you  from it.

When you care about yourself and work on how you feel all the time (but without emotional bypassing), you’re actually priming your emotions thoughts, beliefs, and stories about the way things are to work for you instead of keeping you stuck.

If you don’t do this, your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and stories are constantly on autopilot, trying to protect you and keep you safe- which leads to low vibrations of lack and fear from an unregulated nervous system, which keep your desires at bay for several reasons. 

If you’re taking action toward a goal or to help someone out, best results will come from inspired action vs. forced.

If you’re trudging through something with a bunch of negativity, it’s not going to help you attract what you want- even if it seems like the required action that you must take to move towards your desire. If it is a required action, find a place of positivity or at least neutral acceptance of what you’re doing.

We are taught to constantly give love outwards while we’re growing up. We are taught to make huge sacrifices in the name of  showing this supposed love. But we can’t show true love to others until we show it to ourselves by not compromising our feelings for the sake of others. Realizing and reviewing your true potential through self-love naturally guides you into actions and situations that bring better and better goodness and love into your reality.

If you’re not in love with yourself already, often the first step in manifesting and attracting your life’s desires is to backup and first manifest self-love feelings. Without self-love it’s likely that you won’t feel worthy of what you’re trying to achieve, and you won’t be a vibrational match for it if it comes close to your reality. Self-love will make or break your efforts to attract and manifest what you want in life and for the world.

Don’t push unconditional self-love on yourself if you feel a lot of resistance to the idea.

Find small things that you love about yourself, or that you just feel okay about if you’re really down. The quantum leap from feeling like you can’t do anything right to complete love and acceptance of yourself is unlikely. If it feels possible and there isn’t a lot of resistance, do it!

If you’re really down in the dumps, this is crucially important: don’t try to feel extreme bliss, either. The resistance will be too high and you’ll create more of the same because your underlying thought pattern and energy will be dominant and continue attracting more unhappy thoughts and feelings. They actually get extra activated and can get stronger when you try to force them to shift. 

For this you must take baby steps. A secret that barely anyone talks about regarding the law of attraction is that most people really can’t make that Quantum Leap f to where they want to be. They have to build an internal shift over time that doesn’t contradict the unwanted reality too blatantly. If the shift is too drastic, the subconscious doubles down and actually reinforces the unwanted belief or reality.

The Missing Link that only a few talk about out there is this:  just feel a little bit better than you did before.
Find a small adjustment you can make to your attitude and feelings, and stay focused on feeling just that little bit better until that little bit better feels normal. Challenge yourself also to feel a little bit better than a little bit better, but only to the point where it still feels realistic. 

Once you feel normal in your higher vibration, up the ante again! It may take more than a couple of practices to lock in the first incremental vibe upgrade. Keep “feeling just a little bit better” like this without pushing yourself into annoyance.

And then? You guessed it. It’s time to choose to feel a little better yet again! 

This may be something like going from sadness to anger. Or just feeling a tiny bit of relief and focusing on the feeling of relief. This “feeling just a little better” trick is HUGE. This secret technique alone is one of the main reasons people don’t succeed at manifesting happiness and other desires, and it’s rarely talked about in the world of law of attraction coaching.

Another rarely discussed secret key is this:

Childhood messages we got from our parents, friends and the world around us highly impact our feelings of self worthiness and self-love. Sometimes we have to go back and examine and purge our old beliefs and social programming to create new belief systems that benefit us and stick. I’m here to help you heal your past, love and accept yourself, and move into your higher vibration, so you can use the law of attraction to attract your dreams and missions for real this time!

The Short Answer: 

This is the golden ticket that not very many Law of Attraction coaches or programs touch on very often!

It’s important to largely remain positive and be a high vibe that attracts goodness, and you can do it! It’s also important to allow yourself to feel your feelings in real time, so they don’t get bypassed and bottled up to make you feel even worse later!

But what does that mean when a situation, or your current attitude or life is so bad that every positive thing you try to think about it makes you feel bad? Or you don’t yet believe it’s really possible to attract what you want?
And once you get there, what about when you have a couple of bad days that throw you back and make you question it all again?

The Details:

You must have high or at least reasonable belief that what you’re asking for is possible for you in order for it to manifest or be attracted to you.

This is a law of attraction secret nobody talks about! 

If you honestly don’t believe that what you’re asking for is possible for you, it honestly won’t come to you, and you should set that dream aside for a bit. Don’t necessarily give up on it, just put it on the shelf for later. Grow your belief in the effectiveness of the law of attraction and your own power by trying to attract something you do believe is possible.

Sometimes it’s important to just focus on attracting something that you’re not attached to the outcome of. Something where you feel neutral about whether or not it actually shows up. Like deciding you’re going to find a dollar today. To most people that won’t matter that much if you don’t find it. You just keep your eye out for a dollar and if it comes, it comes.

If this gives you disbelief, find something you really don’t care about. And be sure that you and your subconscious aren’t thinking, “yeah right, this probably won’t work.” That’s a strong pull in the “not going to work” direction, and may cause your experiment to fail.

When you’re really down in the dumps or having a bad day:

1) Just feel a little bit better.
“You can’t get there from there” -Abraham Hicks.
Sometimes you have to work in small increments versus quantum shifts. When you try to make a big Quantum shift that you feel iffy about, it can easily activate the negative energy, whether subconsciously or consciously, and it activates your nervous system, too. This pushes what you’re looking to attract away from you again.

2) Change the subject.
Think about things you already have that don’t have to do with the subject that’s getting you down. Think about things that you have manifested or attracted in the past, and how amazing you felt about it! Stay focused on these things.

Don’t actively try to stop feeling terrible if it’s not working, or that will also increase your upset and lower your vibration, pushing what you want away from you a little bit or a lot. Accept the fact that you feel bad right now and know that you will feel better soon.

Keep thinking about how it will be nice to feel better, but don’t try to force it. Think about the last time you felt good, and how that was nice. Refocus to something neutral if good feelings and memories are making you feel bad. Also, see step 1 above.

And very important. Spend the needed time with persistent emotions.

They are calling to be attended to and released, which is the ultimate healing, and will help clear the path to what you’re trying to create in your  life. The best way to do this is to acknowledge that you were actually taught the *judgement* that feeling this way was bad and that you didn’t like it or were not supposed to feel this way, and that you accept yourself exactly as you feel. And that you ARE allowed to feel this- that there’s nothing wrong with feeling this. Or again- taking it another step back and deciding that you accept that you don’t accept yourself/it.

3) Do physical things that change the subject and increase your vibration.

Taking a walk or a bath, dancing in the living room are all great examples, but anything that changes your body chemistry and changes the subject is great. Sitting for 3 minutes at a time in postures where your arms and legs are in a open receiving position and your head is held high, shoulders back, is extremely powerful and shifts your body chemistry/neurology into confidence and better feelings all around. Look up the “superman ose Ted Talk. 

Talking to or hanging out with a good, high vibe friend and focusing on fun, with minimal or no venting about the situation is also a powerful perspective and body chemistry switcher.

4) Work in 17 and 60 second intervals.

If you hold a positive thought for 17 seconds, the momentum starts to build toward that energy, and similar thoughts start appearing. If it doesn’t feel like it’s getting going after 17 seconds, hold it for 60 seconds.

Thought pathways (neural pathways) are laid in your brain that make you think and feel the same things over and over. Tapping is a strong game changer here! 

Tapping actually short circuits and rewires neural pathways (thought and feeling patterns) that have held you back in the past. It sends calming signals to your nervous system and rewrites your response to stressful situations and memories. It heals trauma. It regulates the nervous system. It makes you feel peaceful. 

All of this allows great change to take place very quickly in most cases, from making and breaking habits, to addictions, to habitual moods and reactions or other mental states, whole life changes and upgrades, and even healing chronic pain and health issues that have seemed impossible to clear in the past.

EFT or “Tapping” can help you quickly create beliefs and actions that make you feel better and better, raise your vibration, and bring your desires closer to you. One round of tapping can take as little as 30 seconds. Check out my easy to use free, in-depth EFT Tapping training!

It’s only available through this totally free email series, where I shower you with presents for weeks! An in-depth, 20 minute EFT training is one of the gifts, and my popular 11 minute mini-webinar called 5 Common, Rarely Talked about Law of Attraction Blocks that Keep Sucking You Back Into Old 3D Patterns and Mindsets” is also included!

6) Learn deeper techniques to heal your past, regulate your nervous system, and reprogram your subconscious, so you can feel better, and live the life and impact you want. 

Start here with those weeks of free gifts!  That’s what they’re here for! 

I also have a 12 week 1-on-1 private mentorship devoted to this! Click here to book a consultation, see if it’s a fit, and learn more about ways we can work together!

This is a more common problem than you might think!

We are so inundated with other people’s beliefs, needs, wants, and programming that tells us how worthy we are and what is possible, that sometimes it’s hard to know what is best for yourself. This can scare people away from trying to attract, because they don’t want to attract the wrong thing. It can also keep your manifestation attempts scattered instead of focused, creating unpredictable results.

When we’re young we believe that anything is possible for us and we are worthy of everything.

This is the truth, but many people lose touch with this truth and acquire beliefs that they are not worthy or capable of achieving their dreams. This happens for many reasons, including trying new things and failing, being reprimanded, or actively told that what we want isn’t possible by our parents and other grown ups around us. It also happens by accident through misunderstanding, and it’s also just a part of the basic (false) understanding on Earth.

When most everyone around you believes something, unless you’re aware and awake, your thoughts, actions, and beliefs end up reflecting the beliefs, thoughts, and actions of the people around you. This is one of many ways that we get our minds accidentally programmed by the society that surrounds us. But we can undo this! I am here specifically to help you purge old programming and move into beliefs that move you into the life and impact you so desire!

I highly suggest starting a law of attraction journal where you can dream like a child, and write down your deepest desires and biggest ideas without any reservation. In this journal you can dream freely without wondering if it’s possible for you, then focus on the ones that feel the most realistic to start building your life the way you want it!

Sit quietly by yourself and get centered.

Ask the following questions, and others that keep you in dreaming mode, and write the answers without reservation as they come. You can always cross them out later if you don’t like them. Practice this as a train of thought exercise.

For this exercise, don’t include negatives, negativity, or things you don’t want. Anything you don’t want, rephrase it into something you do want- usually the opposite of the “don’t want” statement.

Ask yourself these and other questions, and write out the answers:

~What do I want to feel like everyday? About myself, other people, and the world around me?
~What are ways that I already get those feelings, if any?
~What are my dreams for my future?
~What are my dreams for tomorrow and this next year?
~What would I like my ideal daily life to look like? You can get really detailed and go from morning to night on a time frame, laying out your perfect day in detail.
~What kind of person do I want to be?
~What are my basic needs? Emotional and physical?
~What activities, people and thoughts bring me the most joy or peace?
~What do I love to do the most? How do I feel when I’m doing that?
~Where can I see myself going in life?

Write down a list of 20 things you think you want. Or just 10.

Then rate each one of them on a scale from 1 to 10 according to how much you want them.

Take the ones you love the most (rated 7 or higher) and rate them again on a scale from 1 to 10, on how much you believe they are possible for you.

Now, focus only on manifesting the things you want the most that you also have the highest belief that you can achieve. You’ll want to focus on attracting ones that you have rated as a 7 or higher.

You may need to shed some old beliefs and thought patterns or things you were told you should or shouldn’t do before this is truly effective.

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Yes, there are! So glad you asked…

 There are plenty of iterations of “manifestation steps,” so be careful who you listen to. These steps are based off of Abraham Hicks’ Steps, with my discussion of what to do when you have stuff you can’t bypass, and actually need to feel and heal. Which you have a bunch of. And it’s part of what’s blocking you and holding you back.

1) Notice something you want or don’t want, and ask for what you want.

Put it out there! If it’s something you don’t want, take the time to figure out what wants and desires come out of this problem or contrast in your life. What does the problem make you want? 

Be sure to keep these in positive statements, and always start with the phrase “I want.” Do not start phrases with “I do not want.”  Or “I want to not…”

If you’re looking for answers to a question, that’s fine! You can manifest an answer!

Step 1B: Heal the root of your negative thinking tendencies, and your fear of asking for or receiving what you want.

If you’re really stuck on step 1 because you’re afraid to ask for what you want, or keep falling back into focusing on what you don’t want… or maybe just thinking what you want in not possible, your nervous system wishes to be regulated around this issue. This healing will be mandatory in order for you to create on the level you know you’re capable of, and you can do it! The healing and the creating! 

2) Choose to believe that the Universe or your Creator is fulfilling your desire.

Key word: CHOOSE.

Shift from asking to believing. If you continue asking, you will remain in Step 1. Understand that your desires are being fulfilled in energetic and spiritual realms as soon as you think of them. Act, think, and do as if you have already received what you asked for, or like you’re just patiently waiting for it to show up.
How do you feel?  How do you act daily because you have attracted what you wanted or know it’s a given? Time is important. There will usually be a time buffer between what you asked for and seeing it appear in your life. Stay in faith that it is on its way!

Step 2B: Keep Healing to get to a place where you can believe that it’s on it’s way!

If this isn’t seeming possible for you or you’re inundated with negative feelings or disbelief, self sabotage, etc. when trying to shift into this belief, or any in the future, it indicates that something deeper is going on. You may have a layer or 2 to peel back and some more inner work to do, woot! 

General law of attraction rules always apply, but steps like this go out the window pretty fast when something like a trauma reaction is what’s at the root of your block. And this is most often the actual scenario! Your fastest way through the block is to find the root cause, heal that past, and regulate your nervous system so you can effectively feel peace and therefor attract your dream life! That’s exactly what I’m here to help you do! 

3) Continue with an attitude of faith, and focus on feeling positive emotions and beliefs.

Play off of your belief from Step 2, and know good things are coming to you that you asked for.  At this point it’s important just stay light-hearted and unattached to the outcome. Feeling desperate or urgent about your outcome will push it away. Spoiler: sometimes letting go of the idea of it coming to you at all is what will finally bring your manifestation in!

Think of it as having fun with your friends at a restaurant while your dinner is being cooked for you. You’re hungry, but you know you’ll have a good meal, and you’re having a good time until then. Excited anticipation is where you want to be, but with the understanding that whatever is best is what will come. Worst case scenario, dinner doesn’t come, and you have to go some place else for food.

Step 3B: Clear urgency and attachment to outcome, build faith, and let it go completely.

It can be hard to keep the faith or let it go if you’ve been burned before, or for any of 1,000 other reasons. Most of those reasons involve trauma or something of the sort, and require a different/added approach, and specifically, nervous system regulation. Law of attraction trainings never cover this, and it’s vital to every person’s success!

It’s totally possible, but the approach is different than “just feel good” or “think positive,” etc. You have to talk directly to your nervous system in its own language to regulate it and clear the root of the block, which we do together, 1-on-1, weekly, in my Inner Peace and Impact Activator Mentorship.

4) Keep your vibration high, and take inspired action.

Don’t get upset when things don’t go perfectly. You may have a lot of baggage that brings you back down in certain situations. Don’t think about what’s missing from your life at this point, or things that make you feel bad, as much as possible.

Continually refocus on feeling “a little bit better” and good, and feel the anticipation of your bright future. Remember that your thoughts, words, and feelings are strongly co-creating your reality with your Creator or the Universe. What phrases do you say to yourself on a regular basis? Make sure they point you in the direction and feelings of what you’re looking for.

It’s important here to be sure you’ve cleaned up your past programming so that you’ve audited and purged repetitive unwanted thoughts and phrases, and are truly thinking for yourself again! This is important for all steps.
Take actions that are inspired and move you toward your goal. 

When the actions are less than exciting but are unavoidable, go through those motions with your outcome in mind, accepting in good vibration that you do have to do this part. If you find yourself trudging through these important actions feeling bad, stop and refocus.

If you can’t feel acceptance at the very least about the task at hand, stop and do things that make you feel really good, whether or not they’re related to your goal.

Step 4B: Accept yourself as you are and accept that you’re a human for now. 

If resistance goes through the roof and you can’t seem to take action or stay in high vibes, it’s time to look for a reason why again, aka, a root cause of this block. And it’s time to heal it at the nervous system level.

As always, it’s time for some self acceptance. There’s nothing wrong with you for not being able to maintain the holiest high vibes and forward motion 24/7, or having an issue from the past that’s subconsciously haunting you and holding you back. You are not your feelings, but it is your job to allow and process them. especially when they won’t stop screaming at you. It’s a non-optional part of clearing the path to your dream life, so let’s do this!

5) Appreciate contrast and unwanted experiences

When things don’t go your way, reframe it. And if you’re really, truly mad or sad, FEEL IT without judging it! Realize you’re allowed to feel all the feelings!

Realize that experiences and feelings that are contrary to what you’re asking for our only pointing you more in the direction of what you want, and ask yourself, “what do I want instead?”

This will help you realize what desires are being born out of the contrast you’re experiencing. Understand that the Earth realm is a place to revel in contrast, learn what you want because of it, and be fascinated by it.

Contrasting experiences are a part of this process and cannot be avoided. They don’t mean you’re not on track. Keep remembering that what you want is coming to you, and anticipate it with great delight!

Step 5B: Regulate your nervous system’s response to unwanted experiences.

You’ll never get to a place of not having unwanted experiences or reactions. That’s not realistic. And we’re not going to bypass and pretend it’s all ok. But we ARE going to help you step into ‘observer mode,” where you can see and experience a lot with a higher perspective and understanding which brings a huge dose of true, lasting inner peace to your experience. And we’re gonna help you clear any ancient baggage that keeps looping you back to the same experiences and feelings, etc. that may be blocking you.  All of this allows you to create what you DO want- out of the unwanted contrast in your life!

6) Receive!

Throughout the whole process, pay attention for signs. When little or big bits of what you want shows up in your life, welcome them with open arms, excitement, and deep deep gratitude!

The 6th step is to actually receive what you’ve been asking for. After you’ve received, it’s important to continue on and on, feeling and cultivating more and more positive emotions, vibrations, and energy. Keep remembering that your thoughts and actions are always a part of creating your reality. 

Keep being grateful. Feel the abundance, and whatever other feelings come along with receiving your manifestation. This is how you retrain your brain to return to your more authentic self and soulful experience, and keep the cycle going!

Step 6B: More clearing and healing around worthiness, capability, receiving, and outshining others

If you have trouble receiving or being big and shiny, this is a healing “pause point” for you again. You can be blocked at any point along this journey, and that includes actually being able to receive the thing or experience you dream of! It’s time to dig down to the roots of some more beliefs that keep you from receiving your next-level manifestations.

7) Return to step one with a new desire or contrast!

When you’ve gotten your desire to manifest, it’s time to choose a new one to attract. If you haven’t, it’s time to try again from the beginning. It IS possible. Take a look at what you don’t want and reframe it as what you do want. 

Don’t forget to celebrate!

“Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother”
-Khalil Gibran

As mentioned, feeling of detachment from a specific outcome or time frame you’re looking for is of utmost importance when you’re trying to attract situations, things, people, and events into your experience. But of course it takes practice. And some situations seem more desperate than others. Attachment comes in many forms, including doubt, urgency, and fear. Even subconscious attachment to it not working out.

Have faith that you will be taken care of- and that in fact you already are.

This is the soothing and energetic remedy for when you feel desperate for immediate results or and attached to outcome. The Universe will give you what is best for you if you just believe and have faith. When you’re overly attached to the outcome, you create negative energy that keeps the things you’re trying to attract and accomplish from coming to you.

Release this attachment.

If you can’t release urgency, doubt, and fear, it would be best to change the subject and try to manifest something else.

If your situation really is urgent, like you need to pay your rent, change the subject when the fear and doubt kick in and come back to it when you have more faith. take inspired action in faith and acceptance, but not desperate action if possible. Don’t try to fight with your attachment or feel bad about it, or you will create more energetic pull in the negative direction.

Look around for every sign you can find, no matter how small, that you are taken care of in certain areas of life that are easier, or in life in general.

Get in a good vibrational mode, and think of times in the past when you weren’t sure it was going to work out, but then suddenly everything wrapped up in your favor. List times when it felt like you were just taken care of with an angel at your side making sure that you would be safe. Focus your energy on these situations, without trying to relate it back to the situation you’re feeling urgency about. Keep refocusing when you realize you’re slipping back into urgency, etc, with love and acceptance.

Always remember that if you’re not getting what you want, it’s very likely that it’s because something 10 or 100 times better is on its way to you right up the road.

Even if you think that one person is the only person you want. If they’re not taking the bait and finding interest in you… acknowledge that you feel attached and that you don’t always know what’s best for yourself, and thank the Heavens for whatever is better that’s on its way.

It’s a very strong practice to include the phrase “this or something better” when you’re asking the universe and putting your desires out there to be fulfilled. When things really aren’t going your way, stay curious and excited! Actively wonder and try to think up even better situations that could come your way to fulfill what you’re asking for in even bigger ways.

One of the drawbacks of living in a Physical Realm and form is that time is a great illusion.

Everything exists or can exist outside of the realm of the physical. The non-physical can absolutely manifest into the physical, but this magic takes time and true faith! It’s hard to grasp and can be hard to practice at first, but relinquishing the need to control actually gives you even more control.

In short, when you’re trying to release the urgency and the need to control, do this:

Build faith by recalling past successes that felt unlikely, and times it seemed you were just looked over and taken care of. Look at what areas of your life are going okay or even great, and keep refocusing on those feelings! If that isn’t working for you, accept it and don’t fight it. Change the subject to something completely different.

Tapping is an invaluable tool to bring stress down in the moment, and clear the roots of it (and all your other blocks- it’s what I’ve had so much success with with  my students) so that urgent matters or disbelief won’t hijack your nervous system and take you down a panic road. Over time, you come out of survival mode, past triggers, and scarcity about getting your immediate needs met. Bigger and bigger manifestations become possible when this energy is regulated, conserved, and used in other ways that bring you good vibes and manifestations!

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