Examine your habits ad prepare for the future by taking a moment to answer these questions. Record answers in Evernote or a dedicated paper notebook:

1) Do you still use bags, EVER? Zipper bags OR plastic grocery bags? Other plastic bag packaging?

2) What do you still use bags for?

3) BEYOND SHOPPING BAGS:  Maybe you opted out from that situation awhile ago. BUT… What things do you buy that come in bags of any sort? Produce? Cereal? Frozen goods? Bulk goods? Stop and think about this. Walk through the store n your mind and make a list. Plastic bags in one column, plastic packaging in the other column. Bags and disposable plastic  are bad, m’kay? MOST OF THESE CAN BE RECYCLED AND DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT BE PUT IN THE TRASH OR REGULAR RECYCLE BIN.

4) Ok, can you wash the bags you do use and re-use them?

5) Where in your kitchen might you  dry a bag or 2? Remember the power of clothespins here! Up high and out of immediate visual?

6) If you do not have one yet, You MUST start a plastic bag recycle.  Tissue boxes with small openings make FANTASTIC bag recycle containers- you can just keep stuffing more and more it seems!

Call 3 of your favorite, most frequently visited stores to see if they collect plastic bags for recycle. If not, call some more!

Look up  OTHER PLASTICS you can recycle with your bags, and most important, TELL your family and friends!

Final thoughts…

Can you put that in a jar? Whatever it is?

Start your jar collection! Make space as needed.