Fancy Alcohol Upgrade:


  1. Do you love to imbibe in the spirits? If not…. Your homework is to do the homework for somebody you love who DOES drink alcohol. Then buy them a fancy distillery or brewery gift card for the next occasion.


  1. Make a list of questions that you have for local breweries and distilleries, etc. Can you bring back your growler for re-use without recycling? Do they accept growlers from other breweries? Do they run anything off of solar energy? Re purpose grain waste? And all of your favorite questions to ask about beer.


  1. Locate several local breweries on your area with a quick internet search. Try searching for “local brewery finder”.  Did you know… There’s an APP for that!? Download an app if you feel so inclined.


  1. Call the most appealing ones, and find out if you can purchase growlers from them.


  1. For liquors, do an internet search for “local distillery finder” or “local winery locator” for wines.