Prepare for Grocery Switch Up:


  1. Can you immediately think of things you are willing to stop buying because they are unneeded and wasteful? Make a list of things you are basically ready to not buy anymore. Get into the moment and BE RUTHLESS!


  1. Now switch it up. Allow yourself some understanding. Maybe there are things that you are not ready to give up. Make a list of these items as well. Why are you so attached? Think about this a bit.  It is possible that alternatives will present themselves if you keep this idea in the back of your mind!


  1. Make a list of items you think you would like to start buying in bulk


  1. Start thinking about what reusable containers will work for which foods to be stored in. Wide mouth is important so they are easy to fill.  As stated early in the coaching, Glass jars work for almost everything.


  1. Look up stores in your area that sell in unpackaged bulk, and check them out if you have the time! Call ahead and see what their “bring your own container” rules. If it’s a terrible hassle, just REUSE your same, lightweight bags (that will not affect the weight) over and over. Then you can implement your jar system at home.


  1. Download or print off this free bonus pdf for your new pre packaged food rules to work toward to guide you toward your new zero waste goal when grocery shopping!