To-Go Without the Trash:


  1. Go to the thrift store and purchase about 2-5 stainless steel forks and spoons. They should cost 10 to 50 cents apiece 😉


  1. Find a cool pencil bag or something similar and creative to store your to-go silverware in, and keep some washable reuseable straws in there with them! Make sure your container is big and long enough for the straws and bulk of the silverware.


  1. Buy some reusable AND THEN recyclable food storage containers that will not melt- and keep them in the car. Keep them in a small box preferably, so that they will not get crushed or dirty.


  1. Find a box (cardboard or fancy) to keep in your car with your entire to-go kit in it. Make the box big enough for a couple of to go cups, also!  Keep a small pack closer by in the glovebox.


  1. Grab a container and a straw when you are heading into a restaurant. Treat them great and recycle them when done! If you leave them in the car and go into the restaurant, no worries! Just Go get them before the waitress has a chance to ask again… Or just tell the waitress not to bring the to go stuff cuz you got this 😉