Re Evaluate your Inventory:

Write all of this down or, preferably, record it in the Evernote account you made.

1) If using Evernote, start a notebook. Title this notebook “Barter and Lending” or something good for you! Great. Next, while in the notebook, make a note called “Trade-worthy Items.” If using paper, organize your notes in a similar fashion for easy reference.

2) Take inventory of anything you have that is of value that you don’t want anymore. Record it in this note! Go through your whole house if possible! Things you have been meaning to sell? You get the idea. Think whether you know someone specific who might like to trade for that item! RECORD IT!

Also note items that you do like, but would be willing to trade for something you want more.

3) Now start a new note (still in your “Barter and Lending” notebook) called “Desired Services and Items”.

4) Make a list of personal services that you want–massage, mechanic, etc. Record them in this note! And again, anyone you know who may be interested in trading these specific services. Vacation rentals? Pet sitting? Computer help? You need some help, man!

Also, items you have been wishing for will go in this note 😉

ANYTHING goes. Just have fun with this. What is more fun than writing a wish list and dreaming up ways to make it happen?!

I told you this was fun!

***Extra Credit:
Email your lists to see if anyone is interested in a trading event or lending circle startup! OR— I double dog dare you to email your list with YOUR LIST- your list of outrageous **LEGAL AND SAFE** wants, asking if anyone “knows somebody who knows somebody” who may be interested in this whole barter/trade idea…

Here is that free clothing swap invitation again.

And HERE is that blog post I promised about the best barter and trade sites, from moneycrashers.

… enjoy!

See ya next time.