Get Cozy with Glass Jars

There are many items on the list today, but they are all brief and fun, and a couple are optional!
  1. Peruse the-green-button pinterest board glass jar saviors
  2. See how glass jars are made here and recycled here and enjoy learning other aspects of recycling
  3. Download free bonus “The Joy of Jars” and read it at your leisure…
  4. Ask yourself all week: can I put this in a jar? Put an alarm in your phone, just for fun. At a random time of day. Just so you think of it spontaneously.
  5. Have your evernote ready- Start a Glass Jar Ideas note! This way you can record them as they come to you so you do not forget!
  6. Start a  Pinterest board if you are into that type of thing.
  7. Ask yourself- record in Glass Jars Evernote note: What types of things and foods are you naturally inclined put in jars? Are there similar items you could start storing in a jar?
  • List 3-5 NEW new ideas for things you could store in jars in that note as well.
Post on the FB group- What is your  new or old favorite unusual thing to store in a jar? Pic appreciated! And hashtag us! #superherosustainability #thegreenbuttondotcom