Talk to Your Family About Soda Waste:

1) This is the bulk of your homework.  TALK TO YOUR FAMILY!  Show your family the SODASTREAM and see what they say! Explore the website and see which one you love the most! Which one would go best with your kitchen? Don’t take too much stock in your teenagers’ or  partner’s  protests.

Here are a few rebuttals for your toolbox:

  • “You can drink MORE soda”
  • “Your friends are gonna think this is so great!”
  • Just geek out and tell them, “this is the future, man! Get with the times!”
  • If your kids like recipes and creations, tell them how fun it will be to experiment with new things!
  • If your kid is stuck on that one brand and flavor, show them that they have flavor options from Sweetleaf
  • If your kids are good for it-  Show them info on what mainstream soda does to the body, and what the soda companies are doing  to the planet.
  •  Some kids are VERY sensitive. You know your kids best, so do what is right for tem personally. They may only need a fraction of this info to become totally overwhelmed. Be gentle and loving. Explain to them how THEY and their choices are the cure to the problem.
  • “ That’s cool. I’ll just drive you to school in my pajamas then… “

Now… talk about what flavors your family would like the best! And if you have creative cooks or silly folks in your family, you could have a fun game where each person comes up with an idea of what they think might be tasty! Or ridiculous!

2) I recommend purchasing 1-2 bottles for each member of the home and labeling them. This way, each person can have one chilling for future use, while also enjoying one!

3)  Remember: this is an up-front investment. Estimate how many 12-packs you would buy for the price it costs to buy a complete soda system to set yourself up to save money and the Earth!!!

Cost of total SodaStream setup depends on your family. You could easily get setup for about $100
and add more bottles and stevia week by week to grow your supplies!  (around $10 each)

Decide how much money your family spends on soda every week. How many weeks worth of soda will it take (IN MONEY) to purchase a soda stream and a start up?

4) Where in your kitchen is there a place for a SodaStream? Do you need to make space?  Do you need to pick a more slender model to accommodate your space options? Do you want the kids to be able to do it themselves, or keep it out of reach so that you know what they are drinking?

5) Do you personally have any 2nd thoughts about this idea? Please join our facebook group called “teaching dogs to recycle” … State your reservations, and ask for some input 😉

Extra Credit!


CONGRATS!! You are about to have a BLAST. Um… no pun intended.