The Great Juice Switch-up:

1) Which juices do you feel that you could not live without?


2) Can you drink less?  I mean, sugar beverages are rough on you anyhow, right?


3) Call in to or check the website of your favorite grocers to see if they carry the juices you desire in their frozen section, or if you can have them special ordered.


4) Take a fun time to search for vintage or handmade water and juice pitchers on Etsy or a similar site. Maybe buy one if everything is just right!


5) Make a note on your grocery list that you are doing something new and exciting with your juice 😉

Do you juice?

If so answer these:

1) Do you use reusable bags to collect your produce in, instead of disposable plastic?

If not, time to upgrade! At least start washing and reusing your produce bags. Time to set up a washing and drying system. You will have already gotten clear on the best way for YOUR household to do that when you received your plastic bag coaching.

2) Do you compost or reuse your juicing waste?


3) Can you get creative on where to send it? Local chicken farm or neighbor with chickens?


4) Did you know that you can juice up to 3 days worth of juice at once to save hassle and water? Nutrients are retained pretty well for 2 solid days, then a 3rd day is still good, too.