Here is your Superhero Sustainability Challenge for this Bonus round!

  1. Which of the explained types of composting do you think would work best for you?
  2. Are you open to starting an outdoor compost or an indoor worm bin? If you are already doing one of these are you ready to up the ante? How could you do that for yourself?
  3. If you are open to starting and outdoor compost or worm bin calculate the costs. Go back to the appropriate number in the lesson and see which materials you will need.
  4. Decide where in your kitchen or garage you will have your composting setup.
  5. Extra credit! Start your composting or up the ante on your existing routine.
  6. If you are not actually ready to start a compost, just pretend like you are an answer all of these questions. Then also answer the question, “what would make it possible for you to actually compost right now?”