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Things are going great! Stay tuned!

For updates as we unveil new ethical, sustainable companies and products as we add them, send us an email! Subject line: “Updates, Please =)”

It’s time to shop in alignment with your values!

Now you can stop accidentally supporting forced labor and animal abuse, and shift your attention to eco-friendly, ethical companies!

Live, be, and do. Morally, ethically, sustainably.

Finally! A clear and easy way to opt out of mainstream corporate destruction. Vote for peace and love with your dollars and your lifestyle!

The point of the GreenBiz Directory is to make readily available to YOU a vast array of companies, products, and services that fit a specific high code of human, animal, and Earth ethics. We want to clear your conscience, save you time and research, and make ethical, sustainable companies widely known and accessible to all.

Your virtual mall of ethical options is under construction.
Through this directory, we can truly be free from that guilty feeling consumer dependence on- and deeply, permanently boycott- evil corporations/monopolies that are destroying the Earth and abusing our resources, people, and animals.

Every company and product in the directory is researched to determine that it is not associated with forced labor, animal cruelty, or non-renewable Earth destroying practices. 

 We’re currently determining our exact stance/allowance on plastic packaging, which is part of the delay! Ideally, we want none. Can that happen and still make a kickass directory? Or can the directory and its users sway the companies to go plastic-free? That’s what we’re working on behind the scenes!

Your support of the companies offered will be an amazing, solid vote with your dollar, so spread the news- We can’t wait to show you where to get the most humane and ethical products and services around!