Are you still struggling to change the same habit, attitude, or area of your life that you wanted to change years ago?

With this 3 week personal power activation, you’ll heal those ancient blocks that have been holding you back, and start fresh with a clean slate! 

Then you’ll create, and move into the habits, happiness, peace, and freedom you’ve always wanted. You have the power to choose your own actions, thoughts, vibes, and reactions daily!

This is your ticket to habit freedom and a happier, more secure, reality- in alignment with your truth! This life-changing training makes creating better habits, high vibes, and upgrading to your new life effective, long-lasting, and realistic for you.

Imagine being in more control of your actions and impulses daily, transforming them into the personal happiness and change you seek, and having your desired habits and attitudes on autopilot.

You may have already started to feel a restlessness for deeper personal change from within- or a longing to better align your life with your own wellbeing, and environmental or social missions and values.

The fact that you’re reading this right now means that you’re already on the path to great success! You can definitely change your habits, thoughts, reactions and vibes, and upgrade your life!

You probably wonder why forming new habits, raising your vibration, and the law of attraction hasn't worked better for you in the past…

Not to be too blunt… but you’re probably using the wrong techniques and motivators, and missing out on some cutting-edge neuroscience and deep (yet simple and easy to implement) healing that are absolute game changers.

If you’re following old habit-building and “moving forward” tactics, you may actually be pedaling backwards away from your dreams- by unknowingly poking at old traumas.

You need a guiding hand to lead you through this powerful combination of the simplest, most effective habit, belief, and thought building steps, and also up-to-date brain and nervous system upgrades- to get you out of resistance and moving into the life and impact you want!

Prepare to be deeply healed, elevated to new levels, and ready for your next bigger steps! This training takes you several steps above and beyond the average habit building course. Plus, it’s also a mini-lesson in many proven inner peace and law of attraction techniques- scientifically applied directly to making and breaking habits, beliefs, vibes, and reactions!

If you want to become the master of your own vibes, thoughts and habits- to create your own bliss or heal the world- you’re in the right place.


I'm here to help you make that happen.

Almost every person who tries to build a new habit falls into resistance or gives up at some point. Staying motivated- and truly healing fears, blocks and old wounds- are two of the biggest secrets you need to know about and engage in if you want to truly move into the meaningful habits, attitudes, and life that you so desire.

If you feel stuck in an old vibe, or are frustrated and defeated about how hard it is to change a belief or habit, and feel like a major procrastinator or failure sometimes- or if you’re just stumped as to what else to try, but you’re still sick of old habits and thoughts, and refuse to give up hope- then this course is for you!

This program includes both audio and readable options for all lessons, to suit your specific best learning style.*

Does this sound familiar?

“My old habits and beliefs seem to still have control of me at times.”

“I have bigger goals and impact to make, but I feel stuck in some old unhelpful ways, and need to find clarity, motivation, and action.”

“I  want a more Earth friendly, humane, and global change oriented lifestyle, but need a habit, vibe, and attitude boost to make it happen!”

“I’ve played with changing my thoughts, vibes, and beliefs and with the law of attraction with varied results. It’s neat and real, but not as simple as they make it sound.”

“I’m an empath, and I’m ready to claim my power, choose my vibe, and create energetic safety around myself.”

“I’ve tried before, but I’m still looking for some kind of deeper change to upgrade certain patterns- for my own evolution and self care, for my family, and for the future of the planet.”

“I have no idea how to motivate myself to sustain new habits peace, and happiness long term. I’ve done it before! but now I often do well, then fall off after a couple of weeks.”

Every successful, procrastination-breaking, positive thinking, action-taking habit builder must master the four key strategies that this course teaches:

  • Experimental mindset

    • There are no failures, just pointers. Learn how to see it this way and benefit from it. Then you’ll feel better in daily life about all of your efforts!
  • Motivation

    • Source power from unexpected places to create the positive change you may not have thought possible.
  • Processing and healing

    • Acknowledge and allow old fears and wounds to be loved and moved out of. Then they’ll no longer have secret control over you, and you can do what you want!
  • Radically changing and choosing your focus

    • In certain moments your mind and motivation just need a serious reboot so that you can move on happily with your day- and your LIFE.
  • Attraction

    • There are several indispensable, scientifically proven energetic principles that will make moving into all of the positive change you desire simple and long lasting like never before!

Your ability to choose evolutionary beliefs, vibes, and habits can serve you and move you toward your biggest desires and impact in life.

Your habits (including beliefs, vibes, emotional states, and reactions) determine approximately 45% of all of your daily actions and thoughts. Most of them are subconscious, automatic (for now), and actually put into your mind from outside influences. Eek!

Take back control! Get up to speed with your true self and where you are today through simple EFT and other nervous system upgrade techniques. 
This builds a strong foundation for your positive daily attitude, motivation, and inner peace and happiness levels- AND your desired habits and dreams! 
…And PSST! Newsflash! All of those things are actually just habits, too!
Be the person you’ve always wanted to be, and move into the life and goals you’ve always wanted- by clearing annoying old blocks and learning how to consistently own your wanted habits, vibes, reactions, and thoughts!

Learn and engage the right techniques and strategies- in the right order, with the right emotional and subconscious upgrades- for best success in choosing and solidifying your vibes, beliefs, attitudes, and actions long-term.

What if you’ve tried before, and are worried you might fail again? 

~ Order of operations is important. Each step must build upon previous steps and realizations.

 ~ Ask yourself: do you have the foundational information that’s necessary for success in choosing your own habits and attitudes? If so, have you mastered it? 

~Are the results showing in your life? How much more time do you have to keep going with trial-and-error, hoping for another breakthrough? 

~This course will finally clear old blocks that have had you stuck, elevate you, and keep you accountable and moving forward!

Are you worried you won’t have the time? 

~The lessons average 8-10 minutes (a few bonuses are a bit longer), and you can easily fit the homework into your routine also! 

~This course is a breezy 6 weeks long. How much time do you spend surfing your phone when you’re bored?

~Each day that passes with unwanted habits and thought patterns on autopilot deprives you of that happier, smoother, more sustainable life, and the dreams and impact you long for. This keeps you from your alignment, inner peace and freedom, and keeps your greatest gifts locked away from the world. 

~You are not average- you are a stellar human being with unlimited potential, and that deeper freedom is just around the corner!

Plus, if money is of concern, know that this course comes with a 14 day money-back guarantee.

 ~The fact that I have bundled two programs together via the bonuses doubles the value of the course- you WILL get your money’s worth, and be thrilled with your purchase!  The change you will see in your life will be priceless. 

~And when you keep the course bundle, you’ll have lifetime access to it. This way you can start when you’re ready and use it again and again for every vibe upgrade and life improvement you want to make! This will be money well spent, and can definitely make you lots more money if that’s what you put your mind to!

~With “Make or Break Any Habit, Belief, or Vibe You Want- While Loving Yourself and Healing Your Blocks” you can finally prove to yourself- and the world- that you’ve got what it takes to move into the life and habits you choose, and make that bigger impact you dream of for your family and the planet!

You will learn not only to adjust your habits, beliefs, vibes, and outlook to your liking...

…but also how to solidify them, so they become your lifestyle and transform your daily happiness, ease, sustainability, and impact.

For your life enhancement, I have 21 detailed lessons and many priceless bonuses in this online self-transformation, “Make or Break Any Habit, Belief, or Vibe You Want- While Loving Yourself and Healing Your Blocks.”

In this easy-to-follow course, you WILL make a major intention shift and declaration of true commitment on day one, and have new habits, beliefs, and vibes in place by the end of this course if you follow through!

 ~Expect to gain deeper understanding of the most important, fundamental habit building and motivational building tools. 

~Along with all of this, you’ll also be gifted a life changing dose of cutting-edge, block clearing neuroscience through this course- game changing healing and loving acceptance that most people overlook or flat out ignore. This way your wanted habits can stick with you and the others can finally go away!

~This personal power activation includes both audio and readable options for most lessons, to suit your specific best learning style.

In this refreshing self transformation, I’ll walk you step-by-step through a unique, fun, effective block clearing, habit building, and personal power combination

You will learn and integrate this process of building and breaking the habits you want in life- including changing your attitudes and thoughts. There are 21 lessons plus deeply moving homeworks in all- plus A WHOLE BONUS COURSE TO CLEAR OUT YOUR OLD RESISTANCE, delivered in the form of several surprise deep healing, progressive “bonuses” …and 3 extra weeks of loving guidance and preparedness!”

Are you ready to become a master of your own habits, vibes, and happiness?

 In this course you will:

Learn how to stop bargaining your detrimental beliefs and bad habits back in, and how to avoid shutting down or giving up after slip-ups. You’ve got this!


Discover the right way to “replace” your unwanted thoughts and bad habits and their supporting elements.


Become a pro at all the aspects of laser-focusing on what you want, and reap the rewards.


Be a master of your own subtle influences- your past wounds, your environment’s influence on you, and your influence on the world around you.

Plus, I’ve bundled two powerful, synergistic courses into this personal power activation!  This price includes an ENTIRE bonus course to heal your past, release resistance, build a supporting foundation for your success, and really take you to the next level of personal freedom!

With our 14-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but a better life, a lighter conscience, global impact, and overall greater alignment with your purpose and goals.

Want the specifics?


Weeks 1-3 Nervous System Reset, Deep Healing, and Personal Power Activation 

>>> First, we’ll take some time to learn WHY your brain and nervous system aren’t letting you change your patterns, and how to calm, love, and reset them so you can move forward again.  

>>> Then we’ll engage the deep healing you learn, to clear those old blocks that have been keeping you stuck! 

>>> At the same time, you will get started learning the more logistical, psychological ins and outs of making and breaking habits, beliefs, and vibes, and apply them to the habit of healing your blocks! 

>>> This will prepare you for accelerated growth and success in weeks 3-6, where you choose our own first new habit and upgrade it!  

Week 1- Bargains, Breaks, and Baby Bites

>>> You’ll start off by making a real, committed decision to seriously solidify the habit, belief, or vibe of your choice, and the deep healing, block clearing and reset/activation practices you learn in your bonus course for the first 3 weeks. 

>>> Then we’ll dive right into some deeper and easily applied psychological/neuroscience techniques that will lay the foundation to build your new habits and vibes on, to set you up for success.

>>> We’ll also make sure you’re not making excuses for your old habits and vibes to stick around, or sneak back in the back door any longer!



Week 2- Reframe, Refocus, and Power Up

>>> Master the different aspects and angles of laser-focusing on what you want, and unleash the extreme power of your deepest reasons why you want change and better habits.

>>> By the end of this week you will have a powerhouse of motivators and focusing techniques that will drive you to reach your goals on a much more profound level.

>>> By the end of this week you will be getting into the groove with your new pattern, but keeping your recently gained tools close at hand, building muscle to avoid temptation into old ways- now and into the future.


Week 3- Upgrade Your Internal and External Influences

>>> Week 1 and 2 made what you want and why you want it crystal clear, motivated you with deep visceral reasons, and really moved you into your new habit, belief, reaction, or vibe. 

>>> We solidified your commitment to yourself and your future. Now we’ll get into the world at large: how you can influence your environment, and how to have your environment influence and support your new life and habits long term.

>>> We’ll also look at how to stay committed into the future, to truly solidify your new habits as a new better lifestyle that you rarely even think about anymore- other than stopping to realize what a great life you’re creating!

For You?
All of this, daily email reminders, plus the whole extra bonus course- all bundled in, delivered individually to your inbox...

for only


“Make or Break Any Habits, Beliefs, or Vibes You Want” is the key to unlocking your personal power, bigger peace, freedom, and life bettering potential.

Discover how to separate yourself from the masses, rise above, and master your own motivation, reactions, vibes, and habits, so that you can live up to not just your values- but your dreams and freedom, too! Start manifesting the life, feelings, and impact you desire!

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to become the master of your own vibes, thoughts, beliefs, reactions, and habits- to create your own bliss or heal the world.
  • Have played with the law of attraction before with mixed success, and know you can do better again!
  • Feel frustrated and defeated about how hard it is to change a habit, vibe, or belief, and feel like a major procrastinator or failure sometimes.
  • Have no idea how to motivate yourself to sustain new vibes and habits long term or keep falling back into old thought patterns.
  • You often do well, then fall off after a couple of weeks.
  • Are stumped as to what else to try.
  • Feel guilty or want to be “SO done” with old habits, vibes, and beliefs, and refuse to give up hope on yourself!

This course is NOT for you if you:

  • Feel so hopeless that you’re giving up on yourself.
  • Have tons of excuses why you’re more incapable of change than other people.
  • Are admitting defeat and choosing to let your unwanted thoughts and habits win.
  • Don’t want to commit to a better life.

With our 14-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but a better life and happiness, a lighter conscience, global impact, and overall greater alignment with your purpose and goals!

100% money back guarantee: if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will simply refund your money with proof of purchase within 14 days of purchase, so try us risk free!