Online Course: Make or Break Any Habit, Belief, or Vibe You Want- While Loving Yourself and Healing Your Blocks


This 9 week block clearing, reprogramming, and habit making (or breaking!) course package WILL be catapult you into your higher mission and move you into your biggest alignment, peace, and impact in life.


You will learn not only to adjust your habits, beliefs, vibes, and outlook to create your dreams…
…but also how to solidify them, so they become your new lifestyle and catapult you into your daily happiness, alignment, and impact.

Every person who tries to feel better, follow a dream, or make a big change
falls into resistance or gives up at some point.

Staying motivated, feeling safe, and truly healing unhelpful beliefs, blocks, and conditioning
are a few of the biggest secrets you need to know about and engage, if you want to
truly move into the supremely awesome impact, attitude, and life that you so desire.

If you’re trying to make a change…

but feel stuck in an old life, pattern, or vibe…

or you’re frustrated and defeated about how hard it is
to change or make progress…

and feel like a major procrastinator or failure sometimes…

OR if you’re just stumped as to what else to try, but you’re still sick of
old habits, vibes, patterns and thoughts- you’re NOT giving up on yourself,

and you’re ready to feel better and bring your dreams into reality…

then this course, clearing, and coaching activation program is for you!

This program includes both audio and readable options for most lessons,
to suit your specific best learning style.

You’ll want to use this program again and again (I still do!) for every block you want to clear, and for every vibe upgrade and life improvement you want to make! This will be money well spent- that can definitely make you lots more money if that’s what you put your mind to!


  • Go at your own pace
  • Daily Lessons, average 7-12 minutes listen or read.
  • 9 weeks, plus bonuses
  • Full online access to the course portal
  • Awesome, transformational, yet fast and fun daily homework
  • Tapping meditation portal access
  • Option to upgrade to a private mentorship with me, with course price applied to mentorship

*This online course doesn’t include 1-on-1 interaction with me unless you upgrade