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Now you can toss most of those guilt inducing trash items in a single bin– UNSORTED, clean and dry, for convenient monthly pickup at your home!

Its as simple as that- Really!

 RESPONSIBLE Recycling is Imperative for Every Possible Item

Here is a list of everyday “trash” that the-green-button can haul off and recycle for you:

  • Action figures
  • Brita water filters bottles dispensers faucet filter systems and plastic packaging
  • PUR water filtration systems also!
  • Capri Sun and other aluminum and plastic pouch beverage containers and their straws
  • Cereal and chip bags
  • Coffee bags
  • Corks
  • All types of empty cleaner packaging including spray nozzles and lids and refill pouches
  • Personal care and cosmetics packaging, including pumps and lids
  • Energy bar packaging
  •  Instrument strings
  • Plastic bags, cereal bags, shrink plastic food packaging
  • Scotch tape dispensers
  • Flip flops and Footwear of all types
  • Lawn and garden supplies- even garden gnomes other decorations, wind chimes and old  garden tools! Also including  product packaging like bags, but not including chemicals
  • Chemicals can be taken away also but must be separated from other lawn and garden miscellany and are charged for separately
  • Solo cups
  • Tooth brushing items including non-recyclable caps, toothbrushes, floss containers, and clean toothpaste tubes.
  • Deodorant containers and caps
  • Soap Packaging
  • Most types of writing utensils and their caps! No wood pencils please
  • Retired pet supplies- not including packaging- but including collars, brushes, toys, bowls, and bedding
  • Office supplies! Scissors, paper clips, staplers, hole punches, dividers, paper cutters and more!
  • Gift cards and ID cards
  • Inkjet toner
  • Unwanted kitchen supplies and utensils, Tupperware, cutting boards, pots, pans bottle openers, soap dispensers, pitchers and trays
  • Laminated paper Packaging from ice cream and frozen food
  • Plush toys
  • Power cords
  • Sports balls
  • Toys
  • Small lamps

AGAIN… All you do is toss all the above listed items, clean and dry only, into a single bin!

MORE ITEMS ARE ACCEPTED with  additional charge, which varies per volume of items. These are shipping and processing charges for harder to recycle, or heavy, large items including:

  • Baby gear such as anything up to the size of a car seat. Larger items become more costly to ship  to the recycling plant but are definitely an option!
  • Binders
  • Clothing and fabric
  • Electronic waste of many varieties
  • Fabric and clothing
  • Retired luggage
  • Party favors and supplies including clean and dry plastic cups, plates, utensils

With reasons to care & resources to utilize, revamping the way you make purchase & disposal decisions becomes an empowering & outward movement in your life.

Consider it a basic show of love & respect for the Earth that hosts you.

Get started today! it is SOOO Easy!

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